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Competitive Digital Marketing Analysis


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American Media Guys Competitive digital marketing analysis is part of a new, as-yet-unreleased, Google product beta test.
We measure your current ad agency’s performance:
  • Google Director of Digital Advertising heads up our team, along with a Facebook professional.
  • We will measure how your advertising stacks up against the leaders in your field.
  • We access and compare your competitors’ actual Google Analytics to yours, which no one has been able to do until this beta test.
  • We measure your reputation compared to those two competitors.
  • We create a report for you, which you can use as you see fit.
  • With Google’s Director of Online Advertising and Blueprint Certified Facebook Professional, we review Google, other search engines, and social media, and we will report your reputation and your competitors’ actual online advertising history. 
  • You’ll see their ads, digital TV spots, sales funnel, the origins of traffic to their website, and what kind of conversion rates they’re getting.
  • We can see what people are saying about them online with various review sites, what they’re saying about your business, and where you have room to move your business upward and forward.
  • We can find out what the leaders in your field are doing, and how you can gain a competitive advantage over them.
  • You will spend one hour with our Google Specialist, who is a Google employee and Director of Online Advertising. He will talk you through all the results of the analysis. You can ask him any questions you want, and he’ll be able to show you exactly what’s working best for your field and area.
  • We charge $1500 for the analysis and the hour with Google.
  • And at the end of that hour, we’ll give you American Media Guys’ advertising recommendations. If you choose to go with our recommendations, we’ll count that $1500 toward your first month’s advertising. And if not, you still have the report and can use that information any way you see fit. We know every business owner would just love to have this kind of information.
The Google beta-test is new and of limited duration; and one of our newly developing core products enables us to do tightly focused marketing through direct messaging with Facebook’s Messenger app. We are building content-rich Artificial Intelligence–driven lists in Messenger. AI is our strong suit, once we run leads through the funnel. It’s at the front edge of marketing and is primarily being used by Fortune 500 companies, BUT IS NOW AVAILABLE to SMBs like your company.